Thermo Group



Industrial projects


The Research Group collaborates with Schneider Electric to evaluate new innovative solutions for data center cooling applications.


The Research Group collaborates with Light Progress, a company based in Arezzo, Italy, specialising in air disinfection using UV-C devices. The collaboration aims to develop a calculation code capable of sizing a disinfection section for an air system equipped with UV-C radiation lamps. These lamps can reduce the content of airborne pathogens within the air stream.

In general, this collaboration is part of the research activities conducted by the group in the field of air quality combined with the energy efficiency of HVAC systems. The group has focused on studying and modelling the interactions between ultraviolet radiation and pathogens, developing models to assess the radiation fields emitted by the lamps and how they translate into an equivalent pathogen reduction dose. With these models, it has been possible to create the calculation code provided to the client for verification and sizing purposes.



The Research Group collaborates with Nippon Gases to identify the most effective solutions for enhancing the recovery of energy currently dissipated during the vaporization of cryogenic fluids.


The Research Group collaborates with Ferrero Industriale to enhance the refrigeration and air conditioning systems at the Alba (Turin) facilities. The collaboration aims to identify critical issues and develop effective strategies for managing the systems, with the goal of reducing energy consumption in the production processes.

The Group has been involved in studying and modeling management scenarios for refrigeration units (with particular attention to different condensation modes) and the air distribution network for refrigeration power (with a focus on potential dehumidification methods).


The Research Group collaborates with Sammontana for the thermodynamic optimisation of the ammonia refrigeration system at the Empoli (Florence) plant.


Scientific collaborations


The Research Group collaborates with Seeley International - Italy division for the energy analysis of HVAC systems equipped with evaporaive cooling technologies (both direct and indirect, with a specific focus on Maisotsenko cycle).





The Research Group collaborates with CTG/Italcanali for the energy analysis of some installations.


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