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Thermo Group




Thermo Group (previously also known as Gruppo di Fisica Tecnica) is the research group of the Department of Industrial Engineering that deals with thermodynamics and heat transfer in their broadest sense.

The group has been established at the end of the 1990s on the initiative of Professor Giuseppe Grazzini. 

The research activities were immediately linked to the optimisation of refrigeration systems (with particular regard to the study of ejection systems, multiphase fluid dynamics and natural refrigerants), second-law analysis of energy systems, HVAC equipment and the energy performance of buildings.

Recently, the group has extended its research interests, focusing on: CFD analysis of hydrodynamic cavitation phenomena, simulations of HDH desalination plants, assessment of environmental impacts of energy systems, and other fields in which thermodynamics and heat transfer are the beating heart. 

The group is partner of the following international and national research projects: THUNDER (Horizon Europe), ATENA (Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio), CO2 mix (PRIN).
It collaborates, through commercial and scientific agreement, with various companies involved, at various levels, in the above mentioned fields.

It has a laboratory for experimental activities and important calculation resources for CFD analysis.

Currently, the research group consists of two associate professors, one senior researcher, five PhD students and one laboratory technician.

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