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Thermodynamics represents the main research subject of the group. In particular, the focus is on themes related to non-equilibrium thermodynamics, entropy production and heat transfer inside energy and refrigeration systems.


Currently, there are many thesis subjects available: 

  • Modeling of evaporator and condenser with pressure losses
  • Microchannel heat exchangers
  • Thermodynamic optimization of heat exchangers
  • District heating and cooling
  • Constructal Theory applications
  • Artificial Muscles 



Educational work


Video lecture by Prof. Grazzini  on complexity and life (in italian):



Selected Publications:


International journals:

  1. U. Lucia, G. Grazzini The Second Law Today: Using Maximum-Minimum Entropy Generation, Entropy 2015, 17, 7786-7797; doi:10.3390/e17117786

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International conferences

  1. U. Lucia, P. Buzzi, G. Grazzini Irreversibility in river flow Constructal Law & Second Law Conference Parma 18th - 19th May 2015, pp.83-93

  2. G.Grazzini, U.Lucia Evolution rate of thermodynamic systems In Shape and Thermodynamics, Int. Workshop, Florence (Italy) 25-26/09/2008, Editors A. Bejan, G. Grazzini (

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National journal and conferences

  1. C.Balocco, G.Grazzini, Termodinamica e Informazione per l'uso razionale delle risorse energeticheAtti del Convegno Nazionale sulla Politica Energetica in Italia, Bologna 18-19 Aprile 2005.

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