MEVS Group - Multi Energy Vector Systems Group




MEVS Group is a dedicated research team within the Department of Industrial Engineering whose primary focus is on the development and optimization of energy systems, with a keen interest in contributing to the field of energy transition.

Our research activities are diverse and forward-thinking, encompassing several key areas:

  • Multi Energy Systems Modelling: We develop advanced models to simulate and optimize a wide range of energy systems. A key component of our approach is the utilization of a specialized tool we’ve developed, known as MESS (Multi Energy System Simulator). Particularly, it permits to simulate:
  • Renewable Energy Communities (REC)
  • Energy scenario applied to Hard-To-Abate companies
  • Sector coupling scenario
  • Gas networks decarbonization: Simulation and optimization of gas pipelines and distribution networks considering also alternative energy carriers such as hydrogen or blends of hydrogen and natural gas.
  • Building Energy Monitoring and Targeting: We exploit our expertise in machine learning to forecast energy consumption, monitor energy use, and target energy savings in buildings.
  • Modelling of Traditional and Innovative Thermal Power Plants and Energy Storage Systems: We work on enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of both conventional and novel power generation and storage technologies.

We collaborate, through commercial and scientific agreements, with various companies involved, at various levels, in the above-mentioned fields.

Our group is composed of a dynamic team of researchers, including one associate professor, one senior researcher, and five Ph.D. students.


More information about our activities and research interests can be found throughout the site.





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