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Energy Recovery in Textile processing units - Drying

The SERG group applies its Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer expertise to the advanced textile finishing machines produced by UNITECH, acting through the innovation/research transfer support agency PIN (Prato). Research has dealt both with fluid dynamics optimization of the jet array for textile drying, and to the study of the hot gas distribution system in order to guarantee uniform and effective flow distribution. CFD has been applied extensively, and Particle Image Velocimetry measurements have been taken with the help of CRIACIV.

Recently, the SERG group has performed for UNITECH a study for the improvement of its indirect low-temperature heat recovery system, introducing modularization and improving the internal (gas side) heat transfer with innovative internally finned pipes. The study includes an improved insulation of the whole drying system. The new machine was a star attraction at the recent international ITMA fair in Milan (2015).

A short summary of activities in this field is presented.

An extended version in Italian is also available.

HR Heat Exch Prototype, inside view

3D view of Unit indirect HR system

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