Pubblicazioni - Publications

  •  Inexact Restoration via random models for unconstrained noisy optimization, B. Morini, S. Rebegoldi, arXiv:2402.12069, 2024
  • Alternate Training of Shared and Task-Specific Parameters for Multi-Task Neural Networks, S. Bellavia, F. Della Santa, A. Papini, arXiv:2312.16340, 2023
  • An optimally fast objective-function-free minimization algorithm using random subspaces, S. Bellavia, S. Gratton, B. Morini, P. L. Toint, arXiv:2310.16580, 2023
  • Inexact Newton methods with matrix approximation by sampling for nonlinear least-squares and systems, S. Bellavia, G. Malaspina, B. Morini, arXiv:2310.05501, 2023
  • Regularized methods via cubic subspace minimization for nonconvex optimization, S. Bellavia, D. Palitta, M. Porcelli, V. Simoncini, arXiv:2306.14290, 2023
  • Parallel Inexact Levenberg-Marquardt Method for Nearly-Separable Nonlinear Least Squares, L. Fodor, D. Jakovetić, N. Krejić, G. Malaspina, arXiv:2312.09064, 2023
  • Distributed Inexact Newton Method with Adaptive Step Sizes, D. Jakovetic, N. Krejic, G. Malaspina,  arXiv:2305.13985, 2023 
  • A non-monotone trust-region method with noisy oracles and additional sampling, N. Krejic, N. Krklec Jerinkic, A. Martinez, M. Yousefi, arXiv:2307.10038 , 2023
  • Majorization-Minimization for sparse SVMs, A. Benfenati, E. Chouzenoux, G. Franchini, S. Latva-Aijo, D. Narnhofer, J. Pesquet, S. J. Scott, M. Yousefi, arXiv:2308.16858, 2023
  •  SLiSeS: Subsampled Line Search Spectral Gradient Method for Finite Sums, N. K. Jerinkic, S. Bellavia, N. Krejic, M. Raydan, Numerical Computations: Theory and Algorithms NUMTA 2023, 129, 2023
  • Subsampled first-order optimization methods with applications in imaging, S. Bellavia, T. Bianconcini, N. Krejić, B. Morini, Handbook of Mathematical Models and Algorithms in Computer Vision and Imaging, 5, 2023
  • Recovering Corrupted Data in Wind Farm Measurements: A Matrix Completion Approach, M. Silei, S. Bellavia, F. Superchi, A. Bianchini, Energies 16 (4), 1674
  • The impact of noise on evaluation complexity: the deterministic trust-region case, S. Bellavia, G. Gurioli, B. Morini, P. L. Toint, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 196 (2), 2023
  • A stochastic first-order trust-region method with inexact restoration for finite-sum minimization, S. Bellavia, N. Krejić, B. Morini, S. Rebegoldi, Computational Optimization and Applications 84 (1), 2023
  • Numerical solution of a class of quasi-linear matrix equations, M. Porcelli, V. Simoncini, Linear Algebra and its Applications 664, 2023
  • A degraded adhesion model for creep force calculation based on the CONTACT algorithm, Z. Shi, M. Meacci, M. Porcelli, E. Meli, A. Rindi, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part F: Journal of Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit, 2023
  • An improved penalty algorithm using model order reduction for MIPDECO problems with partial observations, D. Garmatter, M. Porcelli, F. Rinaldi, M. Stoll, Computational Optimization and Applications 84 (1), 2023
  • A hybrid compartmental model with a case study of COVID-19 in Great Britain and Israel, G. Malaspina, S. Racković, F. Valdeira, Journal of Mathematics in Industry 13 (1), 2023
  • Linear convergence rate analysis of a class of exact first-order distributed methods for weight-balanced time-varying networks and uncoordinated step sizes, G. Malaspina, D. Jakovetić, N. Krejić, Optimization Letters, 2023
  • A Split Levenberg-Marquardt Method for Large-Scale Sparse Problems, N. Krejic, G. Malaspina, L. Swaenen, Computational Optimization and Applications 85 (1), 2023
  • Accelerated Algorithms for Nonlinear Matrix Decomposition with the ReLU function, G. Seraghiti, A. Awari, A. Vandaele, M. Porcelli, N. Gillis, MLSP 2023, 17-20 September, 2023, Rome. [arXiv] [code] 

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