Research Activities

1. Computer Vision & Reverse Engineering

• Study and development of 2D artificial vision systems for industrial applications: control, automatic measurement, classification and process optimization.

• Study and development of computer vision systems for quality control, morphologic analysis, colorimetry, spectrophotometry.

• Development and implementation of 3D acquisition systems for metrology and reverse engineering, based on optical technologies (e.g. 3D scanners for specific anatomical regions).

3D scanning and digitization of objects and environments by means of reverse engineering techniques. Advanced knowledge of CAD and geometric modelling software systems.

CAD reconstruction from orthographic views or 3D scanned data


2. Design methods and CAD modelling

Computer-aided design of mechanical and industrial systems and mechanisms.

• Application of topology optimization and generative design techniques.

• Modelling and simulation of mechanical and industrial systems (FE & multibody analyses).

• Study of personalized CAD software tools for specific design needs (e.g. design of medical devices,

• Design of human-computer interaction systems

• Computational models for product development.

• Modeling and optimization of industrial systems implementing artificial intelligence methods, development of predictive methods for process optimization.


3. Additive Manufacturing

• Application of design for additive manufacturing techniques. Manufacturability analysis and improvement for additive systems (e.g. compliant mechanisms, self-supporting structures). 

• Modeling and fabrication of prototypes for ergonomic, aesthetic and functional validations.

• Study and modelling of high-performance porous and lattice structures for engineering and medical applications.


4. Industrial and Environmental Acoustics

Monitoring of industrial noise, noise mapping, impact analyses.

• Design of acoustic mitigation systems for road, train and industrial noise sources.

• Experimental acoustic characterization of machinery.

• Design of active noise-cancelling systems for both impulsive and stationary noise sources.

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