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DIEF Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale

Mobilità Urbana e Interurbana

The activities of the sustainable mobility group are related to various topics concerning short range and medium range road transport, main being:

  • Transport arrangement and management: vehicles involved in urban transport, the way they respond to service requests and environmental impact
    • Passenger and freight transport: main needs, constraints, main indicators
    • Vehicle interaction with urban and interurban context: infrastructures requirements
    • Transport environmental impact: energy consumption, air quality, sustainability
    • Transport accessibility for citizens

  • Analysis, design and proposal of new context-related vehicles

    • Hybrid -full electric vehicles and components, main focus on light vehicles (two wheelers, lightweight quadricycles and vehicles up to 3,5 t)

    • Low impact vehicles (electric vehicles) analysis through specific software tools in order to propose future scenarios and support alternative technologies

      • Vehicle concept design: body, powertrain
      • Performance simulation

      • Control strategies proposal
      • Impact assessment evaluation trough LCA (Life Cycle assessment) methodology
    • mob_fig1
  • Experimental activity

    • Mission profile characterization trough data logging during vehicle service
      • Development of "real world" driving cycle related to the sector examined
      • Use of indicators shared with scientific publication and regulation standard  
    • Logging of vehicle main parameters
      • Model validation and testing

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  • mob_fig3

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