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DIEF Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale

History and success story

A PhD School was established in the field of Industrial Engineering since the very first activation of PhD in Italy (1984).

At University of Florence  (UNIFI) there were active groups both in the Department of Energy Engineering, and in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In 2012 the two Departments merged following the UNIFI policy of aggregation, and the PhD School was unified in the field of Industrial Engineering.

Since many years we are able to host a number of 10-20 new PhD candidates, the majority of them through sponsored fellowships or participation in research projects or industrial contract research grants.

Many of our former PhD candidates have exemplary success stories: several of them are University Professors (in Italy or abroad), or Research Scientists in distinguished research institutions worldwide.

A relevant number of them occupies leadership positions in industrial partners, both in Italy and other European countries.

The PhD in Industrial Engineering at UNIFI is proud of its tradition  in industry/research co-operation. Moreover, we have strong international links with other Universities and wordlwide companies and have a tradition of excellence in research.



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